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Ecrinal Oily Hair Shampoo 200ml


الرينال شامبو ينقي وينظم إفراز الدهون للشعر الدهني



Ecrinal Purifies & Regulates shampoo is composed of natural herbal substances, that are effective to get a healthy hair scalp, as well as attractive fresh hair, by regulating the sebaceous gland and reducing sebum production.
In addition to that, it nourishes hair from the root to the end.
Ecrinal Purifies & Regulates is the best choice for every woman who suffers from greasy hair.
Benefit & Features :
• This shampoo has a creamy texture Texture cleanses, purifies and refreshes the scalp.
• After 28 days of use, damage is reduced 36% oily hair* thanks to the combination Lemon essential oil and seed extracts Grapefruit, known for its purifying effect.
• Makes hair soft, light and elastic.
• Reduces redness and itchiness.
• Extends the time it takes for the hair to become greasy.
• Alleviates sebum production.



Apply 3 times a week to wet hair, massage gently then rinse thoroughly.

  • Hair cleansing
  • Scalp Care
  • Sebum Control



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